Measures for Travelers Checking into a Hotel Room

It’s easy to get carried away by the beauty and tranquility of a hotel. However, the reality is, hotels are not always the safest place to be. Therefore, travelers should observe the following measures when checking into a hotel room;

1.   Shut the Door Behind You

Never assume that the door behind you would automatically lock itself. Be responsible for your own safety, and remember to do the needful as soon as your feet steps into your room.

2.   Check for Hidden Cameras

To prevent intrusion on your privacy, look out for secret cameras within the confines of your room. Take a look at strategic places and also observe any red light emission, as it is a strong indication of a camera presence.

3.   Sanitize Your Hands

Make use of sanitizers before making contact with objects in the room. Items such as the TV and remote control, are easily contaminated because of their exposure and necessity. Hence, sanitizers are essential in any hotel environment.

4.   Check if Room is Clean

Do not be too confident of a hotel’s hygiene. Make sure to check for dirt settling on surfaces in the room before resting. Also, make sure you’d be lying on a clean bedspread.

5.   Know the Emergency Exit

It isn’t uncommon for hotels to fall victim to crime. Therefore, an emergency exit is one of the things you should locate before even settling into your room.


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