17 Things to Eat While in Arizona

It’s no surprise that culinary practice, food culture is closely related and they alter the lifestyle of societies, groups, and even countries. Traditionally, Native, Spanish, and early Mexican pilgrims inspired Arizona’s food art. It’s no wonder that the Grand Canyon State food scene still uses spices and native herbs till now. 

However, Arizona has a developing food philosophy, and restaurants are always bursting with new categories of mixed dishes. But something that makes Arizona distinctive when it comes to food is its impressive mix of traditional food. Their food scene is attractive with tourists and travelers trouping in to savor the food.

Besides their food is easy to make and they will show you the cooking tools you need if you want to try it when you get back home. A trip and visit to their restaurants is worth the trip. Whether it’s fried, steamed, or grilled food, Arizona has something to offer. A visit to Arizona is worth it if you’re interested in beautiful scenes, meeting new people, and good food. Here are some dishes that you really should take the time to find and enjoy:

1.  Sonoran Hot Dog

Thought to have come from Sonora Mexico, this street food comes with a split-top roll called a bolillo, which holds the grilled hot dog, enclosed with onion, bacon, tomatoes, pinto beans, mayonnaise, and onion.

2.  Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is beloved in Arizona. There are restaurants, and fried chicken establishments compete by using unique breeds of chicken and an assortment of secret spices. We assure you of the best fried chicken, cooked to precision, making Arizona a state with the most desirable fried chicken in the United States.

3.  Chilaquiles

Usually part of breakfast menus, chilaquiles contains fried tortillas soaked with salsa and capped with eggs. A few individuals add meat, beans, and assorted toppings.

4.  Chimichangas

Made from chicken or beef, many consider chimichangas to be Arizona’s state food. This Mexican inspired appetizer is a tortilla filled with bean/meat mixture and deep-fried to end up crispy. Served with guacamole, salsa, and sour cream, you’ll find it roadside food trucks and restaurants.

5.  Red Chile Stew

A colorful, red beef stew that is tasty and spicy. Have it with a slice of fry bread or chumath (A big tortilla roll).

6.  Ach’íí’

A Navajo treat made from a sheep’s large and small intestine, which is grilled crisp. It is delightful and sometimes served with tortillas in Navajo owned restaurants.

7.  Fajitas

Another south-western classic, this mouthwatering dish, comes with a variety of six assorted types of meat — chorizo, chicken, steak, ground beef, shrimp. You will love them because they have lots of flavors. 

8.  Mutton stew

Its mutton-sheep meat broth together with vegetables. It’s a traditional dish which has many variations and enjoyed best with tortillas or bread. Ask for this at restaurants; if they don’t make it, they will refer you to the available spots.

9.  Burritos

Called “burros” by Arizonans, you will find this meal at any time of the day dripping in cheese and sauce. It is similar to chimichangas. Some residents make it with varying amounts of potatoes and rice fillings. But it will please you.

10.              Cheese Crisps

They are different from Chilaquiles, and you’ll also find roadside and I food trucks. A cheese crisp is a tortilla bun capped with cheese baked until crunchy.

11.              Fry Bread

Frybread isn’t unique to Arizona, but during your visit, you’ll discover several diners, households, and food trucks on their menu. Enjoy it with honey, enfolded around meat, filled with cheese and beans, or a sprinkle of salt and processed sugar. Whichever you choose, they’re all tasty.

12.              Grilled buffalo

Buffalo meat contains lesser calories, fat, and its healthier alternative to beef. A few establishments grill theirs with sausage chili and corn puree, then topped with syrup constituted from saguaro blossoms. It’s a must-eat because it’s tastier than beef, plus with the sugar and chili, you’ll always come back for more.

13.              Iron Skillet Pancake

Prepared in genuine wood-burning ovens and available in some restaurants, this Iron Skillet Pancake is an image of the traditional pancake but has a unique texture and sweetened syrup.

14.              Posole/ Hominy Stew

Posole is an appealing stew enjoyed in many Arizona homes. Its ingredients vary, but it’s customarily a stew made with ham, but you may replace it with any other meat. Enjoy it with freshly baked tortillas.

15.              Navajo tacos

Some indigenes call it Navajo taco while others refer to it as Indian taco. Don’t miss out on the pleasure of essentially taco fixings between soft fry bread.

16.              Shaved Ice/Raspados

Some call it snow cones, Eegee’s, shaved ice, or raspodos. If you’re in the state, don’t miss out on this summer treat.

17.              Steak

Since cattle arrived in Arizona since the 1690s, steak has continued to be a staple diet for many Arizonans. Now, restaurants and steak establishments are representing the old west with corn-fed beef.

Menu options include Arizona Cut 24-ounce, bone-in rib-eye steak, calf fries, Chateaubriand, or Grilled Medallions of Elk or an appetizer of Wild Boar and Venison Sausages. They are usually well smoked and seasoned with tasty spices.

For a memorable visit to Arizona, visit their many steakhouses and restaurants that use hands down the best charcoal grill made in America.

Other favorites include lobster, piki bread, shrimp, popcorn, royale with cheese, roasted pork, Cubano, and corned beef sandwich and fish. Whether it’s a dish whose source originally comes from Arizona or brought in, taste these foods when you’re in the Grand Canyon State.


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