Interior Design Tips You Can Learn From Your Hotel Room

As you sit in your hotel room pondering your next move or reminiscing how the day has been.

You can’t fail to notice some of the interior design skills in the emulated in the cottage. Interior design school has no graduation day; you get ideas every day based on your interaction.

You also get to know what people are doing to their homes and rooms to emulate in your houses.

Hotel rooms are good places to pick one or two things. For example, you learn about color combinations, the latest interior décor, and traditional setup in a modern home, among others.

Some of the specific tips you can learn from the hotel room include:

Use tall plants to make your room stand out.

The tall and large plant in your hotel room is to beautify it and give you a touch of nature. It’s vital to boost your emotions and make your room attractive.

Also, it’s one way of having a focal point within the room. That is something you can also copy and have some plants in your living room to break the monotony of plain walls and wall hangings.

Go for unique indoor plants that are affordable but still give you the stylish and classy look you need for your living room.

Beautify your walls

Ever heard of talking walls? Classic hotel rooms dress up their walls with beautiful wallpapers with amazing patterns and designs.

That is an idea you can borrow when you need to have a changeover on the walls but have no idea.

Painting all the time may not be an option. Wallpapers give you a temporary yet permanent solution that you can choose to change at will.

Moreover, it provides a specific theme for every room for that perfect look on your walls.

Hotel rooms use them as a protective element to avoid costly wall maintenance like annual paintings.

They know the beauty of walls in attracting clients to their accommodation facilities. Go for wallpapers that are durable, easy to clean, and cost-efficient.

Use white woodwork to blends dull floor colors

The power of woodwork works to your advantage as an interior designer. At the glimpse of the room, can you miss to see any woodwork art or design? Of course, no.

Woodworking is a skill that brings a blend of modernity and vintage in our rooms. That’s the objective they use in hotel rooms to attract both the young and the old.

When you have the dull color flooring from the tiles or even the hardwoods with a clear varnish.

Why not break the monotony with a bright woodwork design for wardrobes, door, and window frames, among other woodwork designs in the room?

White brightens a room and creates a welcoming environment. You also can’t forget the art of cleanliness and tidiness associated with the color.

With wood, you can save a lot of money on maintenance since it’s a durable material.

Moreover, you have many woodworks tools for the same purpose. For example, you can use a jointer and a planer for the same purpose. 

Either of these works to your advantage. Your undoing is woodwork with a rough finish. It spoils the whole beauty concept.

Use expressive art wall pieces

Creative wall art pieces are a perfect idea for “boring” walls. Hang a few pieces of wall art as you saw in the last accommodation facility.

Bring that at home, hand them at specific places in the room for that excellent artwork impression.

They come with the following advantage

  • Creates an instant color pallet impression
  • Diversify wall texture
  • Motivates guests
  • Acts as a focal point
  • Perfect finishing concept

Go for inspirational colors

The secret in interior design is to make your room stand out. That explains why you have bright colors in most hotel rooms.

Bright colors widen the space and also ads aesthetic value, unlike neutral colors, which are subtle.

They don’t bring out the best in your spaces. Besides, bright colors also create an illusion of professionalism and class in interior décor.

The yellow bed cover in a white theme room is not in vain. That is why you like it, and you want to copy it to your bedroom too.

Plain bright colors are also not appealing; instead, blend them with other colors or stick to bright patterns to enhance your theme.

Have stylish chairs at the entrance

What is the first thing you see at the reception of your apartment? In most cases, it is a stylish chair and console.

It has two functions, it’s one way of welcoming guests as they wait to be served, or it helps you to relax as you ponder your next move or help you or tighten your shoes, among other purposes.

Is that no what you also want to emulate in your home. At the porch entrance, place some stylish chairs and a small table to welcome your guest and make them feel at home.

Choose one with the right size to prevent cluttering your entrance spaces.

Place an old school console table at the foyer

Everyone passes in the hallway as they go to their specific rooms. What can you see at the foyer?

 Don’t you think you can have the same in your foyer? Your home isn’t a dormitory; it’s a place for comfort, harmony, and peace.

Have that console with a photo frame on the side. It can be where you take a rest as you wait for the baby to come down stairs.

Go for unique designs

Did you know that the hotel rooms are the places you can benchmark for unique designs? Entrepreneurs in the fashion industry grasp this chance to deliver state of the art unique facilities in the form of furniture.

Why not your home? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something unique and classy to give your home that classy look you have dreamt of overtime.

Interior design is all about creativity and less cost. It’s you to choose what you need wisely based on your available space. There is always something for every home in interior decoration and design.


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